The Dinner Party

Adrian Northover Vladimir MillerPierpaolo Martino
saxophone piano bass

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party is a collective free improvising trio active on the London and European jazz scene for the last few years, comprised of Anglo-Russian pianist Vladimir Miller (Moscow Composers Orchestra), Italian double-bassist Pierpaolo Martino –  a founding member of avant-jazz ensembles Mondegreen, Howl and Machine3 – and British saxophonist Adrian Northover known for The Remote Viewers and London Improvisers Orchestra. Unlike many improv ensembles the trio privileges a meditative and even 'melodic' approach to improvisation in which silence, unvoiced sounds and the specific grains of the instruments become of paramount importance. In this sense The Dinner Party's instant compositions are dialogic spaces in which three different voices and cultural backgrounds speak to each other, establishing a fascinating dialogue with the past capable of exceeding the boundaries of music. Virginia Woolf's literary experimentalism, Russian and English folk heritages, Pasolini's poetry and cinema represent some of the most fascinating resources which nourish a sonic space or a conversational "party" constantly rethinking itself.


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New CD 'Wednesday Afternoon' is on the way.

Meanwhile below is some film of our recent gig (August 2019) at Bari In Jazz,