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The next live perfomance by Triptik will

be on Tuesdsay 10th March.

Details TBA

Our new CD 'Porridge Diplomacy' is now available.

18 Beautifully recorded tracks
(including Mice From Mercury & Cannibal Magnetism)
with original artwork by Adam Bohman, this promises to be an
essential item for the discerning improvised music fan.

Order your copy now whilst stocks last.

A review by Jean-Michel Van Schouwberg can be read here.



Our first CD is still available

'Bread Butter & Jam'

Live Improvisations

bread butter and jam

1.Bread Butter & Jam 9.54
2.Enemy Anemone 3.23
3.Scrubbin’ 2.01
4.Tubes 5.13
5.The Rhino from Ruislip 4.03
6.Star Tissue 1.24
7.Foghorn 7.54
8.Spiral Anomaly 7.46
9.Water Voles eating Marmite 2.46
10.The Cavern 4.30



Review of Battersea Arts Centre gig by
Daniel Spicer from ‘The Wire’


Trip-Tik offered an unconventional trio, with saxophonist Adrian Northover joined by Catherine Pluygers on oboe and Bohman playing "prepared strings and objects". The 'mad professor' epithet is perhaps overused, but, immersed in feverish concentration behind a desk cluttered with tools and materials, bald pate glinting between two up-thrust explosions of frizzy hair, Bohman is every bit the crazed technician at the workbench pursuing some arcane auditory experiment. He clamped a contact mic onto various metal and glass surfaces which are rubbed, filed and grated to produce rasping sounds of friction. Stationed at centre-back, between two horns, the very physicality of Bohman's soundworld revealed him to be something like the percussionist in a radically reconfigured free jazz trio.