Sezu - FMRCD487-0518

Maresuke Okamoto, contrabass cello (Japan)
Marcello Magliocchi, drums / percussions (Italy)
Adrian Northover, saxophones (UK)
Phil Gibbs, guitar (UK)

Sezu is the result of a collaboration between 4 musicians committed to the ethos of improvised music. Recorded in one afternoon, the first time they all played together,
the Cd is a discourse of play, discovery and surprise.



'This session asserts itself as a lesson in improvisation, self-transformation, sharing and discovery where nothing is acquired in advance and everything is to be conquered.'
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

'The sound on this disc is superb, the balance perfect. Starting with brittle
electric guitar, sly note-bending soprano sax, frenetic cello and insect-like percussion,

this is British-sounding free/jazz at its best.'

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG