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The Custodians Of The Realm

Adam Bohman - objects and home made instruments,
Adrian Northover - saxophones.
Sue Lynch - tenor sax, clarinet, flute.

Based in London, both Adam and Adrian have been playing together as
The Custodians since 2010, both perform with The London Improvisers Orchestra
and many other ensembles,nationally and
In 2014 Sue Lynch became a regular member of The Custodians.
As a trio we have performed a series of concerts in London, Berlin and Italy.

Available now

The Grape That Takes No Prisoners

Cassette release of Moribund Mules and Muskett Fire now available.

£5 inc p&p



Adam Bohman - objects and home made instruments,and spoken word.
Adrian Northover - saxophones.percussion, wasp and spoken word.
Sue Lynch - tenor sax, clarinet, flute and spoken word.

Recorded 2014/15



A series of recordings are available.

Donkeys, Prawns & Lightbulbs


Earthen Cream Encryptions


Ersatz Vagabond Internationale

The Custodians with Lukax Santana

Jangled Echoes and Pneumatic Verbiage



The Custodians meet Eight Improvisers


The Custodians with guests,
featuring Dave Tucker, David Leahy, Sonia Paço-Rocchia , Roberto Sassi,
Steve Noble, Tom Scott, Patrizia Paolini and Roland Ramanan


Granite, Silk & Soldering





'Squirrel Party At Sallyfields'
a collaboration with maverick perfomance artist Bryan Lewis Saunders,
part of his 'Stream Of Unconcious' series.
This is a cassette only release with
'Love Execution Style - The Severed Head' on the other side.

Click here to go to www.triptik.org.uk
and listen to some tracks from the new CD by Triptik - 'Porridge Diplomacy'

Here is a link to Adams artwork for the
Horse Improv Club
a venue which he has been jointly programing
and also performing at.
Some films of peformances at the club can be found here

In Light Syrup

light syrup



'In Light Syrup' was released at the beginning of 2011, and features various solo and overdubbed pieces from Adam and some duets with myself on soprano saxophone.



The third duo release is
Granite, Silk & Soldering
(2011) and is available as a
free download from
Audition Records


Please email me here if you would like to buy any of these cds.



Custodians Of The Realm



'Custodian's Of The Realm' has solo and overdubbed soprano sax, a duet with us both playing toys, some soprano and object duets, and some solo pieces from Adam featuring his home made string instruments......released in 2010