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Catherine Pluygers Adrian Northover Adam Bohman


Trip-tik formed in 2004.

The members met through playing with the
London Improvisors Orchestra.
Each player brings their unique experience
from different sound worlds to the group.


Adam Bohman has spent many years at the
cutting edge of experimental sonic arts,
while Catherine Pluygers is a renowned
classical oboeist, specialising in
performances of contemporary composition.
Adrian Northover has worked with
improvisation in a myriad of forms,
from jazz to Indian classical music,
through to free improvisation.


Since its formation Trip-tik has performed at many
venues in and around London, and has also worked
in collaboration with other musicians including
Eugene Martinec , Alison Blunt,Terry Day, Jaques Foschia, Vanessa Mackness,
Barbera Meyer, Caroline Kraabel, John Russell,Roland Ramanan,
David Leahy, Vladimir Miller and Sylvia Hallett